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Gardening Trends in 2022

This new gardening year focuses on sustainable living, new experiences and gardening for mental health. Embrace natural outdoor living.

  1. Climate Change Plant Choices
    We are all aware that the climate has been changing. Summers are getting hotter for longer periods. During those heat waves, even if your watering is consistent and care is given, our plants also suffer. Make sure to add heat tolerant plants to your garden. Perennial choices would be Sedums; Rudbeckia; Salvia/Sage; Daylilies; Liatris; Asclepias and Irises.

    Annual heat tolerant choices would be Lantana; Zinnia; Marigolds; Sunflowers; Cosmos and Portulaca.

  2. Go Tropical
    Since “Staycations” are still the choice for many, why not bring that tropical feel to your garden!

    This year, make sure to create that tropical atmosphere by using plants like Cannas, Rose Mallow (perennial hibiscus), Colocasia (Elephant Ears), Caladium, and Musa basjoo (Banana plant). Plant in layers, using taller sun loving plants to provide shade for the shorter, leafy plants that need a bit of protection. Bold colors are in. Especially purple, which is the color of the year!

  3. Grow your Food from Seed
    Edible gardening has become very popular, especially during this pandemic. Children at home are benefitting from being able to experience how their food grows and will be encouraged to try new food varieties. Learn about clean eating and enjoy this fun and relaxing pastime.
  4. Front Porch and Balcony
    Staying at home can make you feel lonely and missing that social aspect of life. Use this summertime to be creative, even in small spaces. Container gardening or even ready to go decorative pots are the key. Take advantage of railings, and walls to add climbing plants. Choose vibrant colors and textures, different sized pots, old stools or small tables. Once you’ve created your outdoor space, consider it a new room and feel free to welcome neighbors, where you can socialize at a safe distance.
  5. Gardening For Wellness
    This pandemic has made us more aware of our mental health than ever before. Creating even a simple garden space can be very therapeutic. Get out there and get dirty! It is very satisfying! Work with the area that you have. It doesn’t have to be perfect in any way. Keep it natural and plant for the pollinators instead of for human. Use strong colors, scented plants and different textures t entice your senses. Interact with nature for your own inner peace.