Trees and Evergreens

Trees and Evergreens

When we plant new trees, we add beauty to our landscape and sustainability for a healthier environment. Let us help you choose which one is best for your area. Our choices include:

Fruit trees are easier than you may think to maintain and will last for many years to come. In the spring, they will produce flowers to add beauty to your garden, then in the summer you will get your fruit. Stepping out in your yard and grabbing an apple or a cherry that you have grown is very satisfying.
Talk to our professionals about the best fruit tree for you.


Why choose a tree from Nesbitt`s Greenhouse and Nursery? Easy!
Besides providing you with a beautiful healthy tree, we are confident to give you a five year guarantee on your purchase when you add our product Myke to your landscaping soil mix. Myke or mycorrhizae are nature’s root boosters. This fungi added directly to the root ball of the tree when planting will help to make the roots stronger and thrive much better. More nutrients and moisture gained will guarantee a very healthy and happy tree.

Full tree selection for the 2022 year.

Bloodgood Japanese
Flame Amur Maple
Saskatoon Serviceberry
Magnolia Royal and Susan
Flowering Crabapples
Japanese Lilacs
Autumn Blaze Maple
Hot wings Maples
Crimson King Maple
Common Hackberry
Hydrangea standards
Weeping mulberry standard
Salix -Hakuro Nishiki Willow
Shademaster Locust/Gleditsia
Russian Olive
Sand cherry tree
Sweet Cherry tree
Apple trees
Sour Cherry tree
Plum trees
Pear trees
Reliance Peach
4—in 1 apple trees