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Our 45,000 sq.ft greenhouse and nursery offers an exceptional variety of flowers and plants to rejuvenate your entire yard, inside and out. Experience our family-owned and operated farm, where personalized and knowledgeable customer service are at the heart of everything we do.

Since 1953, the Nesbitt family has grown, sourced, and sold quality plants, trees, shrubs and evergreens for Ottawa and Gatineau locals. Nesbitt’s Greenhouse and Nursery is a family affair!

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Amazing Sunflowers

Nothing says summer better than sunflowers. There are many varieties and they have many benefits. Why plant sunflowers? The bright and beautiful outer petals help to attract many species of bees. The center of the sunflower contains thousands of tiny florets that contain nectar and pollen which is a food source for bees. Sunflowers are […]


The new buzz-word for Urban Gen-Z gardeners is Horti-Futurism. Basically, it is a trend to optimize greenspaces within the limits of each person. Whether its a balcony, a rooftop or any space in or outside your home. And to focus on a sci-fi experience! The future of horticulture is bold colors, unique textures and brightness […]

Mad about Mangavés!

A fantastic addition to your collection of plants, either patio pot or as a houseplant. A Mangavé is a unique plant with beautiful color designs and so easy to take care of. They are not poisonous to your pets, but curious cats and dogs may get an occasional spike from the sharp leaves.  They can […]