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Our 45,000 sq.ft greenhouse and nursery offers an exceptional variety of flowers and plants to rejuvenate your entire yard, inside and out. Experience our family-owned and operated farm, where personalized and knowledgeable customer service are at the heart of everything we do.

Since 1953, the Nesbitt family has grown, sourced, and sold quality plants, trees, shrubs and evergreens for Ottawa and Gatineau locals. Nesbitt’s Greenhouse and Nursery is a family affair!

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Springtime, Clean-up and Prep. / Ready, Set, Grow

We’re talking about all things spring and how you should care for your plants when the temperature warms up

To mulch or not to mulch

Once you’ve decided on your garden plan and design, the finishing touch is often using mulch around your plants. Mulch has many benefits, plus it looks great! Mulch plays an important role for healthy plants and a happy garden. It can stop weeds from growing by limiting how much sun they get. Mulch also absorbs […]

Love your tomatoes-Problems and some solutions

Let’s talk tomatoes: Everyone loves their fresh summer tomatoes, from snacking on sweet cherry tomatoes to making a thick bacon and tomato sandwich for lunch with large beefsteak tomatoes! Mmmm! Here are a few common questions that our clients often ask. What do I do when the bottom leaves start to turn yellow on my […]

Companion Planting to Help Your Garden Grow

When planning your garden, it’s a good idea to add plants that invite bees, butterflies and beneficial insects. Here are a few suggestions: Add Nasturtiums – Nasturtiums help prevent insects, particularly aphids, from attacking other plants. Aphids love Nasturtiums and will surround them instead of their neighboring plants. Mix a few flowering herbs like dill, parsley […]

How to keep cats out of your garden.

Summertime is great for all of us including cats and dogs, who unfortunately don’t realize the damage they can cause to your beautiful gardens.  This is quite a common problem as cats are looking to cover up their stool and dogs, well dogs have recently buried something and are looking for it!  To stop this […]

Gardening Trends in 2022

This new gardening year focuses on sustainable living, new experiences and gardening for mental health. Embrace natural outdoor living. Climate Change Plant Choices We are all aware that the climate has been changing. Summers are getting hotter for longer periods. During those heat waves, even if your watering is consistent and care is given, our […]