The new buzz-word for Urban Gen-Z gardeners is Horti-Futurism. Basically, it is a trend to optimize greenspaces within the limits of each person. Whether its a balcony, a rooftop or any space in or outside your home. And to focus on a sci-fi experience!

The future of horticulture is bold colors, unique textures and brightness on all levels. Neon colored foliage, silver, white and lime are the trendy colors. Spectacular foliage like from a Begonia Rex series or the unique design of a Mangavé. Speckled foliage or variagated leaves or even plants that look a bit alien to us!

Use silver and white to reflect the moonlight as well as night blooming shrubs like the Mockorange bush (Philadelphus pubescens) that smells great and almost glows in the dark!


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