How to keep cats out of your garden.

Summertime is great for all of us including cats and dogs, who unfortunately don’t realize the damage they can cause to your beautiful gardens. 

This is quite a common problem as cats are looking to cover up their stool and dogs, well dogs have recently buried something and are looking for it! 

To stop this from happening, here are a few suggestions. 

  1. After planting your garden, cover your beds with cedar mulch or decorative stones. Better still, use landscape fabric first, then mulch on top. Cats don’t like the feeling of the material and dogs will get frustrated because they are not getting anywhere. You can also use some chicken wire or netting under a layer of soil.
  2. Some other suggestions to try are planting a companion herb called Rue. Its scent repels cats from your garden as well as some insects. I recommend it to be used in all gardens as it is a perennial and will come back beautifully the following year. And it works.
  3. You can also try orange or lemon peels (cats don’t like citrus anything) cayenne pepper, lavender oil, peppermint oil, coffee grounds, or citronella oil. 
  4. Last resort, keep a hose handy to spray water on the culprit when you catch him in the act!